$1,200 Water Bill Blamed on Sprinkler Use

By Zack Stieber

A Florida woman was left stunned after opening her water bill for the month of April.

Kathy Woelfel of Sun City Center said that the bill was for $1,270.25.

“It said that I had used over 167,000 gallons of water,” she told Fox 13. “There is just no way that I could have used that much water.”

According to her account, she has never used more than 4,000 gallons of water per cycle. Her typical bill is around $45.

The Hillsborough County Department of Public Works said the bill was correct and that it was due to Woelfel’s sprinkler system.

But Woelfel hired three different companies to go to her house and check to make sure the water supply wasn’t leaking anywhere.

All three said there are no leaks and that they don’t agree with the county’s sprinkler theory.

“All the people that checked my system told me, ‘That’s impossible, your yard woulda been flooded, your neighbor’s yards woulda been flooded, and it would be running down the street,'” she said.

Officials later agreed to investigate the system while only forcing Woelfel to pay her normal amount.

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