Brave Officer Runs After, Shoots Gunman in High School—Identity Revealed

A police officer who shot and wounded a 19-year-old gunman of a northern Illinois high school after he opened fire at the school has been hailed a hero. Authorities have now identified the officer who has been praised for his brave and quick actions.

Officer Mark Dallas, a 15 year veteran of the Dixon Police Department, has been credited for stopping a gunman who fired several shots at around 8 a.m. near the west gym of Dixon High School where a graduation rehearsal ceremony was about to commence.

Dallas, who was assigned as the school’s resource officer five years ago, quickly located the suspect and confronted him. The courageous officer then chased after the suspect, a former student, who had fled the school.

The 19-year-old fired several rounds at the Dallas, who returned fire and ended up wounding the suspect.

Dixon Police Chief Steven Howell Jr. said the suspect was then taken into custody and was receiving medical attention for his non-life-threatening wounds.

No one else was injured in the incident including the officer.

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