Photo of Stranger Helping Father Relearn Math to Teach His Son Goes Viral

By Zack Stieber

A photo of a stranger helping a father relearn fractions and then teach his third-grade son has gone viral.

The picture was snapped on the New York City subway system.

Corey Simmons Jr. failed his fractions exam in Rutherford, New Jersey, last month, prompting his father Corey Simmons Sr. to dive into the books to study the material so he could help his son.

His father sat on the subway one day with a textbook but was struggling with the material.

That’s when a stranger sat down next to him and helped him out, reported Pix 11.

Corey Simmons Sr. said he appreciates the assistance.

“Let him know, what you showed me was able to help my son pass the test,” he said.

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