Treasured Tiger Siblings Moving Across Sea To Tasmania

These tigers are about to experience a sea journey to colder climes – an experience much removed from their native tropical habitat in Indonesia.

Sumatran siblings Cinta and Jalur, currently living at Symbio Wildlife Park in southern New South Wales, Australia, will cross the Bass Strait on June 6 to settle in at their new Tasmanian home.

The breed is listed as critically endangered.

Symbio representatives said Cinta and Jalur are ambassadors for the conservation of their species, and the move will play a vital role in broadening awareness of their plight.

The nine-year-old pair were moved to Symbio Wildlife Park from Auckland Zoo seven years ago as part of a regional captive management breeding program.

Staff at Symbio have planned a big farewell weekend for the duo on June 2 and 3.

Credit: Symbio Wildlife Park via Storyful

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